Courtney French is a 25-year-old college graduate that is now a novice apprentice at Archangel. She majored in advertising with a minor business and is excited to join the new local business that Archangel is proud to be. She is a Knoxville native and has been drawing creative masterpieces since age ten. Courtney is apprenticing under Lonnie, who is teaching her the tricks of the trade, she is off to a good start and plans on moving from squash to skin as soon as possible.

Courtney specializes is Neo-Traditional stylistic tattoos and realistic work such as people/portraits. She believes tattooing is a fun way to use her artistic talents while expressing herself and making others happy. She hopes to one day open her own shop and pass on the knowledge she worked hard to gain.

“Despite the happenings of the next day, have eternal courage to survive.”
– Courtney French / @obscurethinking on Instagram