Updated CreepyCon 2018

We are even more excited to announce that we will be tattooing live at Creepycon! We will have two artists available for both custom tattoos, as well as a choice of tattoos on a custom flash sheet. If you’d like to be tattooed at Creepycon, please call 865-951-0675 so we can get you set up! We are currently accepting appointments for both days of Creepycon. One artist likes evil/creepy and the other likes cute/creepy things.

We will be a featured vendor at Creepycon 2018. In addition to tattooing at this event will be selling multiple custom prints by our artists. The prints will be highlighting the creepy theme & spooktacular atmosphere of Creepycon. For further info please check out the flyer below or give us a call at 865.951.0675. Hope to see you there!